domenica 31 gennaio 2010

L’invisibile bellezza

Don’t you see a ghost or an angel in this picture?
Is it possible to take pictures of invisible creatures like ghosts or angels?
Maybe only those who can see them in real can also see them on those pictures…

sabato 30 gennaio 2010


Emmenez-moi au bout de la terre
Emmenez-moi au pays des merveilles
Il me semble que la misère
Serait moins pénible au soleil

Charles Aznavour*

Shahnour Vaghinagh Aznavourian, another Armenian refugee.

venerdì 29 gennaio 2010

Wherever I lay my duduk

…that's my home.

Armenians too are a people of refugees who where forced to leave their home (if they were lucky enough to survive) and find a shelter in some other country. And they gave a lot to their second country.

Here are a statue and a խաչքար/khatchkar in front of an Armenian church in Bucharest.

Le fils du bourreau n’est pas le bourreau alors que le fils de la victime est toujours la victime.

Edouard Jakhian,
in Le Vif

giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

V-am inteles

Le grand (surely tall; I prefer to say nothing about great…) général de Gaulle in București. Or at least pictures of statues of him: “ceci n’est pas de Gaulle” as my neighbour Magritte would have said…

mercoledì 27 gennaio 2010

lunedì 25 gennaio 2010

Chats de faïence

Je te tiens, tu me tiens par la barbichette…

Pas de barbichette ici: une fine moustache d’un côté; des boucles blondes de l’autre…

sabato 23 gennaio 2010

Old stairs

Ready to climb them?
Or just came down from the top of them?
And who or what is hidden behind those doors?

An old summer picture of my (syndicalist) niece to give us some warmth in those cold days.

mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010


Th first blue sky and the first rainless clouds of the year: what a pleasant vision after so many snowy and rainy days…

Our flying steamed milk is back: just raise your hand (climb upon a chair if needed…), take a few of it and put it on your cup of coffee to enjoy a great cappuccino…

Non è un granché ma eravamo tutti stanchi di vedere un cielo grigio, o piuttosto di non vedere il cielo e il sole nascosti indietro queste nuvole.
Vivendo in Belgio, si capisce perché alcuni popoli adoravano il sole come una divinità…

martedì 19 gennaio 2010

2 Hunters

And I don’t know who is more dangerous: man or animal?
Dangerous for their preys
but also for themselves
when slowly destroying this planet…

domenica 17 gennaio 2010

venerdì 15 gennaio 2010

La preda ed il predatore

Don’t worry, it is only statues: no blood…

Isaiah 11:6
וְגָר זְאֵב עִם־כֶּבֶשׂ וְנָמֵר עִם־גְּדִי יִרְבָּץ וְעֵגֶל וּכְפִיר וּמְרִיא יַחְדָּו וְנַעַר קָטֹן נֹהֵג בָּם׃
And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2010

Twins or clones?

Here are 2 more pictures of our black swans: walking in a file like indians do/did in some western movies. But I guess this too is some kind of “cow-boy propaganda”…

lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

Coloured sky

The same clouds but the sunlight (and laws of quantum mechanics) give them a different colour, a different make-up…

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2010

Small again…

Small lake, small island and small bridge again…

but this looks more like a scene for some show: someone reading poems or a string quartet.
Or maybe some children singing kάλαντα: today is the last of those 12 festive days starting with Christmas and ending with Θεοφάνια/Epiphany.

Να τα πούμε;

martedì 5 gennaio 2010


Small lake, small island and small bridge…

but a great pleasure to sit and rest there for a while!

sabato 2 gennaio 2010

Children’s words

When adults have 1 or 2 children, they are happy; when they have 5 or 6 children, they just argue to see who is responsible.

If people have had a happy childhood, they want to quickly have children themselves; if not, they are not very motivated to have children.

Heard on radio,
a little deformed by translations and my bad memory…


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