giovedì 8 ottobre 2009

Le Parc is back

Last monday our cinema, Le Parc, finally reopened after more than 3 months of hard work: new colours, new seats, new light. Even if the light is not perfect: good enough when it is switched off during the movie but too dark during debates.
First monday of the month, a classical movie on the menu: Blow up by Antonioni. There were quiet a lot of people indeed.
Last night it was the first new cine-club: less people for the movie, probably because a small french movie is not as fashionable than Antonioni… And even less people for the after-movie debate.
Our animateur Emile was there to talk about both movies with the same pleasure though.
So if you come in our city, don’t miss this cinema: one of the most artistically active cinema of Belgium.
I’ll try to take pictures of future events and share them with you.

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