mercoledì 10 febbraio 2010


One of the many cats who have adopted my garden and the gardens of my neighbours as part of their playground, or sometimes battleground…
Oh, he has detected me: he has heard the click of my camera, even if it is not that noisy.
Ma che occhi hanno questi gatti…

3 commenti:

Anna Mora ha detto...

Preciosas imagenes de este gatito !!! Me gustan mucho los gatos !! Saludos des de Catalunya (Espanya)
. Anna

Θάνος Δ. ha detto...

Hola Anna i benvinguta en el meu blog.
I love cats too and I am lucky to have many of them in my garden. I have alredy published other pictures of cats (click on ETICHETTE: ΓΑΤΟΎΛΑ) to see them and I have some others I'll publish soon.

Elsa ha detto...

Lindo gatito.
Muy bellas imágenes.
Saludos. Elsa


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