venerdì 5 marzo 2010

Industrial view

Transversal and longitudinal view of the καμάρα.

2 commenti:

Eleonora ha detto...

Love the contrast. We who live amid history are almost used to this. But it is indeed a spectacle.

Have a great weekend

Θάνος Δ. ha detto...

Maybe it is good that we don't notice them not because we are used to them but because they are so well integrated in the city's architecture.
But what fascinates me most of all is too see this part of our history being still alive today: e. g. to see a concert or a play by Euripides in an old theatre in Greece, instead of just hearing a guide telling you: there were concerts here 2500 years ago…

Enjoy your sunday in Roma and don't forget to wear something viola! :-)


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