domenica 5 luglio 2009

Saeed Valadbaygi

It seems that in any coup d'état, the first ones who are arrested (if not killed…) are the intellectuals: doctors, university professors, politicians, philosophers; all those who can lead a nation to its freedom.
And this is what happened in Tehran recently: 70 university professors have been arrested after meeting Mousavi. I think that most of them have been released but it is a milder for of oppression.
But now there seems to be a new category of intellectuals who are as dangerous for dictators: bloggers. Or maybe they are the same people and blogs is just a new medium, a new way to publish their ideas.
One of those bloggers is Saeed Valadbaygi: I have discovered his blog,
Revolutionary Road..., recently and I have found in it many interesting news, pictures, links about what is happening in iran today.
Sadly his brother has been arrested and his own life is in danger now.

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