mercoledì 8 luglio 2009

Wars: a tragicomedy

Some time ago I saw an old episode of the very popular (even more popular amongst Greeks of the Diaspora) broadcast: Στην υγειά μας.
The main guest was the composer Μάριος Τόκας. But one of the guests was the actor-comedian Σωτήρης Μουστάκας.
Both were Cypriot, both were great men and both died a little time ago! It is incredible how much Cyprus gave to Hellenism…
Both talked about the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and they did it with their own words, their own background and sensibility, they own weapons if I can say so:
  • Τόκας, who was in Cyprus then, talked about the fight to which he took part merely as a spectator (the Cypriot army being too weak to fight the Turkish invader) and about his mother who looked 10 years older after 20 days…
  • Μουστάκας, who was in Athens, talked about how he tried to return to Cyprus to fight, and people at the Cypriot embassy in Athens answered him something like: “What are you going to do in Cyprus? You do not even know how to use a gun… Are you just going to sing for the soldiers?”

The same events but two different ways to talk about it: tragedy for Τόκας and comedy for Μουστάκας. Maybe it is a way to tell us that, however tragic wars are, they cannot be taken seriously.

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